How does Septal work?
Septal helps create bacteria inside your septic tank and weeping tiles. In turn, this bacteria "eats" the waste and buildup in your tank, this helps open lines and create "flow through".

If I use this product, will I still need to pump my tank?
Many government agencies recommend that you pump your septic tank every 2 to 4 years - we support these recommendations full-heartedly.

Is Septal recommended by government agencies?
No product is recommended by government agencies, but the identical Septal formula has been used for many years by state, provincial, and municipal authorities in anaerobic digesters, working under EPA guidelines. This formula is used to correct critical problems, correct pH abnormalities, correct odor problems, and to maximize sludge digestion. This has been a proven and successful technique for over 30 years. Now this proven formula is available to you.

What is Septal made of?
Septal is a Calcium based Activator, it is totally safe - for gardens, pipes, and the environment.

Will Septal hurt my pipes / tank / lawn / field grazing animals?
No. Septal is 100% environmentally friendly and will not harm any type of tank or pipes.

Will Septal eat through tree roots / plastic / other non-waste material?
No. Septal is designed to act upon waste and sludge in the tank, not other solid items which do not decompose.

Will Septal help in my weeping tiles/leech field/tile bed?
The Septal shock treatment is designed to give maximum opportunity for tile bed correction.
Septal wants to use itself up in the critical first chamber of the tank, where its effort is most needed.
It cannot penetrate totally blocked lines when there is no movement.

Our corrective shock treatment is designed to maximize the opportunity for the product to enter open lines, but the best method is to the remove tank lid, and use Septal directly into the last chamber or junction box.
This will only be effective if there are still open lines. The best plan is to do all recommended pump outs and use Septal regularly to help create optimal digestion, thus reducing partially digested organic flow-through that blocks lines.

How long will it take Septal to work?
Septal begins to act immediately upon entering the septic system. Septal will start working against odors right away, and should create a noticeable change in odors in just a number of days. For larger problems in the tank and weeping tiles/tile bed, longer corrective periods are required, with possible other corrective action necessary.

When will Septal NOT work?
Septal will not work in the scenario where there is a complete blockage in the system lines.
Our product must be able to get to the problem to help solve the problem.

Is Septal guaranteed?
Septal is 100% guaranteed from within 4 weeks of your purchase date.

Does the Septal company pump septic tanks?
No. We only provide a septic tank activator.

Can Septal be ordered on the Internet?
Yes. Online orders can be placed through our web site @

I would like to place a bulk order, is there some discount?
Yes. A volume discount can be arranged by calling the toll free number during normal business hours. Also a quote can be obtained by leaving the quantity required and some form of contact information (Fax, Phone, Mailing Address or E-mail).

How is Septal shipped?
Either by UPS or the Post Office.
Shipment is within 3 days from receipt of order at our warehouse.
Delivery takes approximately 4 - 10 business days.

How long has Septal been in business?
Our company, G.F. Morton Ltd., has been selling Septal for more than 25 years.


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